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                • 电话:0531-87199680
                • 传真:0531-87119680
                • 销售热线:400-685-1687
                • 地址:济南市104国道邵西
                • 润鑫工业园∞
                  Main structure characteristics of busbar processing machine, the machine is equipped with salt, cutting, folding three processing units, through the pedal switch or a manual switch. Respectively for bus rushed, shears, folding processing, the high and low voltage electrical industry is the ideal production equipment.
                  Busbar processing machine
                  冲孔单元采用立式【结构,更换模具快捷方便提高了工作效率,可根据用户要☆求定制各种模具,模具材料选用优质钢材烙氏12锰钢制成,冲ω孔精度高,内ω 圆光滑表面无毛刺。
                  Punching unit adopts vertical structure, mould replacement convenient and improve the work efficiency, can according to user requirements to customize all kinds of mold, mold material made from high quality steel flipping's 12 manganese steel, high precision punching, within the circle is smooth surface without burr.
                  Shear adopts flat blade shear, shear processing workpiece is flat and level. No burr, does not produce waste. Bending unit adopts closed structure, horizontal machining. Through the quick replacement of mold can be finished bending, bending, pressing, embossing, etc.
                  Washed, cut, fold three processing unit respectively controlled by three pump stations, bus bar manufacturing machine can realize three machining unit operated at the same time, the workbench with double work table structure, working each other at the same time.